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Making a difference through magic

Dynomite Magic Cast Theater

What’s in a Dynomite Magic Show?


From adrenaline-filled escapes to illusions that happen in the hands of your audience, Dynomite Magic is an unforgettable show featuring interactive displays of magic and mystery.


Like your favorite movie or Broadway show, Dynomite Magic offers sound-infused rhythmic performances, featuring live music and powerful cinematic sound tracks.


Whimsical wit, improvisational comedy, and Inspirational storytelling weave through each performance.  Far from a box of tricks, Dynomite Magic is a theatrical experience that’s suitable for the whole family.



For over 15 years the Dynomite Magic show has been amazing audiences young and old with illusions enhanced by the art of music, theater, and family-friendly comedy.

Presented by international award-winning director and entertainer, Jeff Veley, the show takes it’s audience on an incredible journey from adrenaline-filled escapes to magic that happens right in the hands of audience members.  As a child, Jeff used magic to make friends and escape hardships.  Today he shares the hope he found with others through illusion shows.

The Dynomite Magic cast and crew is made up of a team of individuals with a heart for helping young people through the arts. Each show raises funds to help at-risk youth through professional prevention and intervention programs.

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