Is Bluetooth Reliable?

Often, professional entertainers, like magicians jugglers, and speakers need to control their own cues from stage.  When searching for a solution to control your music, slides, and lighting, you might be tempted to grab a basic Bluetooth remote from Amazon. DON’T!

Pros don’t let pro’s use Bluetooth live.

Let’s explore the real “why”.  Have you ever had the problem of your wireless earbuds disconnecting?  Has your music ever stopped playing on your wireless bluetooth speaker?  Do you have a bluetooth link in your car that has failed?

These everyday annoyances are frustrating but imagine losing control of your presentation at your event. That moment of panic, in front of the audience is downright embarrassing (and Bluetooth technology is to blame). No matter how much you saved, in that moment, you’ll do anything to fix the problem.  That moment, in front of the audience, is downright embarrassing (and you can blame Bluetooth). You’ll quickly wish you would have chosen a professional remote control system, no matter how much you saved at the checkout.

Common interferences for Bluetooth are two-way radios, WiFi, internal wiring, power lines, wireless speakers, phones, satellite dishes, RF video transmitters, monitors, poorly insulated cables, LCD screens, and more. Did you see how long that list was?

Yes, Bluetooth 5.0+ are much more stable but all of the touring professionals that I know are still turning to RF remotes.  The quality of Bluetooth remotes can vary greatly.  Grabbing a cheap remote and trusting it is a foolish strategy.  A professional entertainer requires a professional remote system.

No Bluetooth

The Most Reliable Technology for Wireless Remote Control Systems

Almost all professional wireless remote systems communicate via RF technology.  RF stands for Radio Frequency.  With the use of antennas and transmitters, an RF field can be used for various types of wireless broadcasting and communications.  Due to its long range and reliability, many wireless technologies make use of RF technology.  This includes mobile phones, radio and mobile broadcast systems and WiFi.  Remote wireless systems are programmed to operate on less crowded frequencies, to prevent interference.

The Best Remote for Professional Entertainers

What does a professional remote control system need?  For starters, it should be built specifically for live event environments, with crowded airwaves and a high-risk for multiple interferences.  Furthermore, it should be designed to control a variety of software and hardware, in order to meet the high demands of seasoned performers.  Finally, it must be easy to program and operate.  The last thing you want to do on stage is have to worry or think about your show control system.  A reliable system just works.  

After using Audio Ape Media Monkey, Media Star Pro, and having experience with many other systems on the market, I’d like to share the best, available today.

Introducing the Audio Ape Pro!

Learn more about Audio Ape Pro Remote and check out the exclusive interview below with Audio Ape founder, Charles Peachock.

The Audio Ape Pro Remote

After working with most remotes on the market, I can say that Audio Ape Pro is the best designed remote. Period. This system features military-grade wireless technology. When you press a button, it sends the command on not one, but multiple channels. Even if there is interference on one channel, your command still gets through on several others. This redundancy serves as a safety net for every single cue.

This remote system can be used without a computer (music playback mode with built-in SD card) or connected to control programs like QLab, PowerPoint, Keynote, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.  It can even control multiple programs at once, from a single remote.

It’s built to be rock solid and stupid-simple use. Best of all, it was developed and refined by professional entertainer Charles Peachock. He’s stress-tested it over thousands of shows. I’ve used Audio Ape’s products to control my own show and they constantly impress me!

Audio Ape Screen & Remote

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