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Engaging Your Audience on Camera

Across the globe, entertainers have been forced to move their shows online, during the COVID-19 pandemic.  If you’ve wondered how to make your virtual show more like an in-person event, this lecture will teach you how.

You’ll learn multiple platforms that allow you to “go live” without giving you a tech headache.  Discover how to produce a multi-camera live-stream, with high production value and no expensive equipment.  We’ll even teach you how to “see” your audience and turn attendees into participants.  Using this advice, you can book shows, grow your social media following, and give magic lessons – all from home.

How to Book in Today’s Education Market

Schools used to regularly book magicians.  Now it’s much harder to get booked and even more difficult to get paid like a professional, for your work.  As a national youth speaker and entertainer, Jeff’s school program has reached over 1 million people, received two international awards, and is recognized by United Nations for effectiveness in conflict resolution. 

Jeff teaches you the three paths for increasing impact and income through school shows. You will learn how to develop in-demand presentations, a simple structure for student assembly programs, and how to make a lasting difference. Furthermore, Jeff shares how to rewrite patter for classic effects that help you share your personal story.


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The Secrets to Enchanting Your Audience

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a seasoned pro, Jeff’s lecture features an eclectic blend of original effects, philosophy, and tips on showmanship – learned from over 15 years of performing and reaching over 1 million people.

This lecture isn’t a dealer demo.  Instead it’s a thoughtful journey into the mind and heart of a full-time speaker and entertainer.  You’ll learn valuable insight from Jeff’s successes and failures.  Most of all, you’ll receive practical effects, entertainment advice, and business principals that you can implement for your show immediately.

Learn from an artist who truly finds joy in giving back and helping others boost their creativity and refine their craft.

Business Secrets for Professional Entertainers

Jeff pulls back the curtain on how to build a full-time (six-figure) business in the education market as touring speaker and entertainer.  You’ll learn how to become the “go to expert” as well as the exact systems, strategies, and tools used by Jeff and his team.  Together, this generates national tours with up to 300 events per year.

This interactive master class is perfect for individuals that are interested in a career in the education market.  All participants will be asked to complete a survey, prior to the class. This will be used to shape the content around the attendees’ specific goals and challenges. 

Registration to the class also includes a follow-up group coaching call to provide further support.


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