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QLab on Laptop Media Background

Take Control of Your Presentation

Triggering your own cues while performing can be overwhelming. Trusting a technician that you just met is stressful and often means your cues may not fire when you need them. QLab allows you control your tech cues from stage with the push of ONE button. This includes music, microphone cues, live camera, videos, and lighting. It’s ready when you are!

You’ll learn how to use QLab for your show, just like Disney, Broadway, and Cirque du Soleil. Participants can bring their computers and program cues for their show, along with Jeff. Additionally, Jeff offers a QLab Implementation Workshop, which includes 3 hours of hands-on training and tech support.

How to Care for Yourself & Your Audience

Entertainers often deal with similar challenges their mental health including the “post show blues”, applause addiction, feeling like they’re not good enough, and imposter syndrome – once they receive recognition. Jeff shares how to overcome these challenges, so that you can achieve your potential.

Jeff’s a mental health professional that’s insanely entertaining. His powerful program has reached over 1 million people, received two international awards, and he’s recognized by United Nations as a Peace Ambassador.  Jeff teaches through routines, from his live show and teaches you routines (and mental health hacks) that you can implement immediately. 

You’ll learn new routines, psychologically tricks to emotionally connect with your audience and make your magic more deceptive and memorable. Finally, you’ll discover how you can modify your existing material to further captivate your audiences and offer hope and share your personal story.

Jeff Veley Speaks to Crowd
Jeff Veley School Assembly Gym

Business Secrets for School Show Performers

Jeff pulls back the curtain on how to build a full-time (6-figure+) business in the education market as national touring speaker and entertainer. You’ll learn how to become the “go to expert” in your field. Jeff shares the exact systems, strategies, and tools that his production company uses to book 300+ events each year. 

Why learn from Jeff? His school programs have reached over 1 million people, received two international awards, and are recognized by United Nations for effectiveness in conflict resolution.  He also runs an agency with several touring school shows.

This interactive master class is perfect for individuals that are serious about pursuing a career in the education market. You’ll learn the top two sales tools to sell yourself, how to design offers that maximum impact and income, and how to book and market a tour. Additionally, Jeff shares how to make audio/visual simple and professional.

All participants will be asked to complete a survey, prior to the class. This will be used to shape the content around the attendees’ specific goals and challenges. Registration to the class also includes a follow-up group coaching call to provide further support.