… Curiously Strong Magic

Five effects performed with mint tins.  Purchase includes a 30-minute online instructional video.  Provide additional mint tins from your local grocery or convenience store.

  • Mental Mint Monte:  A volunteer hides a single mint in one of three empty mint tins and mixes them around.  The magician correctly reveals which tin holds the mint every time.
  • Hot Shot Mints:  An audience member chooses a number between 1 and 6.  The selected tin is found to be the only container that does not have mints.
  • Signed Mint to Nested Tins:  A signed mint held in a handkerchief by an audience member vanishes and reappears inside of a small mint tin which was sealed inside of a large mint tin, which was in view the entire time.
  • Shake, Rattle and Roll:  A borrowed quarter is placed inside of a mint tin by the spectator and can be heard rattling around.  Suddenly the sound stops and upon opening the tin the quarter has vanished.  It can be made to reappear in the magician’s pocket.
  • Color-Changing Tin:  A red mint tin visually changes to green.  As a kicker the magician opens the tin to reveal that instead of white peppermints, it is now full of green spearmints.