BEKOS 2.0 (Best Ever Knots off Silk) by Jeff McBride


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By Jeff McBride

  • Great for audience participation

  • Easy to perform

  • Resets quickly

  • Can be performed parlor or stage

This is indeed the Best Ever Knots Off Silk

NEW VERSION with 24" silk and improved instructions.

You take a silk and tie a knot in it...
then slide the knot off the silk.

This can be repeated again and again!

At the end the silk is shown to have 3 large holes in it! Surefire laughs!

You can even have an audience member help tie the knot and even slide it off the silk.

  • Great for audience participation

  • Easy to perform

  • Resets quickly

  • Can be performed parlor or stage

We highly recommend storing and performing the effect with our Portable Wine Glass.


“Thank you Jeff for reintroducing John Blake’s method of Pavel’s “Knots Off Silks”. This really is the BEST for method and is simple enough in handling allowing all energy to be saved for presentation. The effect itself has been successful in my shows with both children and adults alike - I love it.”

— Lee Alex

“I first started performing Knots Of Silk about 20 years ago and it was a part of my opening Chaplin act for a very long time. The only reason I stopped performing it was because the silks got worn and I lost the ‘knots.’ I never got around to replacing it. Having performed it for so long I thought it would be impossible to see a version that actually fooled me! Was I mistaken! Jeff McBride has released a version that not only fooled me but also added some really nice presentational touches that I think will make this become a classic again. As for me, I now have two because it’s going BACK in to the act.

The knots off silk has long been a classic although very rarely seen. The effect was created in the 1970s by Pavel and then passed on to Daune Lafflin who shared John Blake’s methodology with Jeff McBride who has now released it with permission.

You receive a 24” red silk with three special knots. The knots themselves have some type of foam inside which makes them so much easier to use. All you need to do is cut out one, two or three holes in the silk depending on how many knots you want to have come off the silk.

The effect is you tie a knot in the silk and then it slides off, you can do this once, twice or three times. Once the knots have all come off you then show three holes in the silk.

The handling in this version is very clever because you actually do see a knot being tied and formed. Suddenly and visibly the knot slides off making it impossible to see how it could have worked. Even after practicing it I still fool myself in the mirror when I look at it.

There is something comical about this routine and it plays just as well for kids as it does or adults. When you look at it there is actually quite a bit of magic happening. They see a knot being tied, then it slides and finally it comes off. The kicker is a hole has now appeared in the silk. It has a natural comic ending that always gets a laugh and for my character as Chaplin is the perfect ending.

With this you receive typed instructions as well as a link to an in-depth video tutorial which shows various handlings including a basic version and a slightly more advanced. I went straight to the advanced version because it isn’t that difficult to learn.

BEKOS is definitely the BEST EVER KNOTS OFF SILK that I have ever seen, and with the addition of the new handling it now makes it even more magical. This packs small and plays big, can be performed anytime during your show and is of a very high quality material.

You will also get to see a wonderful performance of this filmed at the Magic Castle by Abigail McBride. Here you will see how impossible this really looks as you see the knots tied and then slide off. It’s a very strong performance of this routine showing how much more you can get from it rather than the old ‘throw’ away many used to perform it. Of course Jeff and Abigail have added their own touches which you will learn about in the download.

There really isn’t more praise for any trick I review than to say it’s going in to my professional act. It is very rare that I say this when reviewing, but to be fooled by something I used to perform due to new handling and wanting to add it back in to my act is the highest praise possible from me.


— Paul Romanhy from VANISH Magazine's review of BEKOS