A card is selected, signed (optional), shuffled, and instantly vanishes from the deck.  The magician proves it is truly gone by plainly showing every card in the deck and naming the missing card (though he never saw or touched it).  Finally, in slow-motion, a random card is displayed and changes into the signed selection in the cleanest and fairest way possible.  THIS IS GLIMPSE!

Glimpse is a utility card gimmick that can be kept in your card case at all times so that you will be ready to create magic at a moments notice.

(Perform these effects in sequence to create a full routine, as explained above, or add a single phase of the routine to one of your existing card routines)

  • Gone: A spectators’ card completely vanishes from the deck.
  • Glimpse: You get a “glimpse” of a spectators’ chosen card without ever seeing/touching it. Card can be signed.
  • Topless: The wrong card changes into the spectators’ signed selection in the cleanest way possible. Do it in slow motion. They won’t catch a thing. No top-change/sleights required.
  • BONUS: Use “Glimpse” to locate a freely selected card in one second and magically produce it from anywhere.

* Includes a full instructional video teaching you how to perform the effects (above) and how to make the glimpse gimmick in five minutes or less using household items.