Hank Ball – Silk Gimmick


A Hank Ball, is a powerful gimmick that makes producing and vanishing large silks or multiple silks possible in your bare hands.


A Classic Silk Gimmick, Re-engineered for Peak Performance

A Handkerchief Ball, originally known as a Stillwell Ball and commonly known as a “Hank Ball”, is a powerful gimmick in silk magic. It makes producing and vanishing large silks or multiple silks possible, all without the need for boxes, tubes, or other apparatus. This means that you can use it to make silk handkerchiefs appear and disappear in your bare hands, making you look like a master in sleight of hand.

Over the years, hank balls have come in various shapes and sizes. The capacity of our Hank Balls is listed below. Please note that capacity varies, based on the weight of your silks. We recommend using lightweight silks (5 momme). You can also use silk streamers or sponge items such as balls, hearts, and/or stars.


  • Small: Holds two 18” silks or one 24” silk.
  • Large (Standard Size): Holds three 18” silks or four 15” silks.

Colors (tones):

  • Vanilla: For fair-skinned performers.
  • Latte: Most common gimmick color.
  • Caramel: Best for performers with tan skin or people of color with lighter skin-tones.
  • Chocolate: For people of color with darker skin-tones.


  • Hank Ball gimmick
  • Collectable Gonzinta Box
  • Full instructions (learn how to obtain, steal, transfer, and ditch the gimmick)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the gimmick made of?
Plastic. This allows for more accuracy in production, over metal gimmicks. The result is a better-made hank ball.

Why do you offer multiple colors, when the gimmick isn’t meant to be seen?
Gimmicks aren’t meant to be seen. People are, and not all look the same. We’ve chosen to recognize and offer more options for our customers.


Additional information

Weight .06 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2.5 in

Small, Large (Standard)


Vanilla, Latte (Most Popular), Caramel, Chocolate