invisiCue – Remote Triggering Secret – Ebook



InvisiCue is a way for solo performers to trigger a show control system, without touch or detection.
It’s not an ankle switch or hidden button. There are no assistants or additional electronics. It’s a magic trick all on it’s own!


The InvisiCue secret will work with most show control remotes on the market, including:

Media Star Show Control Systems

  • Mp3 Tech by ProMystic
  • MediaStar by ProMystic (original system)
  • MediaStar Pro by Live Show Control

Audio Ape Remotes

  • Audio Ape (original system)
  • Audio Ape 2.0
  • Media Monkey
  • Audio Ape Pro

You receive a downloadable ebook with the history, detailed methods, and the real secret to triggering your remote without detection.