The Incredible Magic Kit


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Easy Magic for Children

The Incredible Magic Kit by Dynomite Magic offers over 10 easy-to-learn tricks.  This set comes with hilarious and amazing routines and an instructional video starring children’s entertainer Jeff Veley.  Simply hit “play” and learn along with Jeff.

In addition to illusions, Jeff teaches kids vocabulary (disguised as “Magic Words”).  Children will also other powerful lessons including theatrical storytelling, engaging others, the important of practice, how to build confidence, and keep secrets.

Tricks Included;

  • Appearing Scarf
  • Anti-Gravity Wand
  • The Flying Handkerchief
  • Zig Zag Card
  • Tight Rope & Fernando the Flea
  • Hypnotic Choice
  • Double Color-Changing Scarves
  • Nickels to Dimes
  • The Magic Coloring Book

*Recommended for ages 8-11.