The Magic Light Bulb


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Utility Bulb with Instructional Video

– Poor Man’s Milk in Light Bulb
– Coin in Light Bulb – Visual Penetration
– Magically Lighting the Bulb
– Vanishing Silk to Light Bulb
– Zombie Floating Light Bulb
– Goldfish in Light Bulb
– Card in Light Bulb
– Message in Light Bulb

*Unlike other bulbs on the market, ours do NOT use a rubber or cork stopper.


  • The Magic Light Bulb (made of glass)

  • Online Instructional Video

“I want to let you know how pleased I am with your “Magic Light Bulb.”  I am a former working professional magician and for many years the “Milk in Light Bulb” effect was part of my stand up act.  Your light bulb is a tremendous improvement over the old hollowed out light bulb with the rubber cork stopper!  This bulb looks great and performs even better!  I would highly recommend this versatile prop to any magician who wants to incorporate a light bulb into his/her routine.”
— Gary Kornfield

“Hey Jeff, love this whole concept and love that it stands up on it own, and the video, as well. This is the utility the solves the issues I’ve had with similar bulbs. Well done.”
— Robert McQuade

“I really enjoyed your video and all the ideas you came up for the light bulb.  It is a very versatile prop and your video is very informative. ”
— Dan Ford

“I’m writing just to tell you the bulbs are fantastic.  I’ve been wanting to build my own milk in lightbulb lamp and now I have the best bulb to build it around.  Excellent quality.  Thank you for offering them!”
— Douglas Nelson

“Just received my light bulb.  It’s extremely well made and I look forward to using it. In fact I’m looking forward to ordering the larger one.”
— Dean Turner

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