The Mystic Boxes – Distressed/Rugged



A Baffling Mental Mystery
It is said that there is a connection between us and the items that we value most.  The Mystic Boxes explore this notion through two powerful demonstrations of magic and mystery.

Routine #1 – Things We Hold Dear:
A volunteer hides a small personal object (such as a ring) in one of three small treasure chests and mixes them around while the magician’s back is turned.  The magician correctly selects the box that holds the item every time.

Routine #2 – The Poetic Pirate:
This comedic script follows the story of a lost pirate in search of treasure that finds the lost ring of a sweet woman (your volunteer).  The entire routine is narrated by a poem.

Perfect for close up and parlor performances.


  • Three beautifully crafted wooden boxes
  • Two written scripts covering both routines
  • Detailed instructions