The Ultimate Light Bulb – Milk to Light Bulb Kit


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Featuring our NEW & Improved – Ultimate Light Bulb

Imagine performing the classic milk, silk, salt (or whatever you choose) to light bulb with almost ANY lamp.

This effect is perfect for the traveling performer. Turn any small table lamp into a magical masterpiece in seconds.  No longer do you need to bring a gimmicked lamp with you.

As you vanish a glass of milk (or silk, salt, etc) a lit lamp suddenly goes out. You then re-produce the vanished item from the light bulb in the lamp. WOW!

Kit Includes:

  • New & Improved Ultimate Light Bulb

  • Wireless Remote Control

  • Gimmicks

  • Online Instructional Video

The Magic Light Bulb has been our long-time bestseller, receiving rave reviews from magicians all over the world.  We’ve made several improvements and now offer the Ultimate Light Bulb, in this new effect.

New & Improved Light Bulb:

  • Now made of unbreakable plastic (no need for replacement bulbs)

  • No leaky rubber stoppers or corks

  • More realistic design

  • Anti-roll feature

  • Additional gimmicks

* Lamp not included. Don’t have one? We’ll teach you where to purchase one for $8-$20.

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